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Vintage/Antique Capodimonte Italy Table Lamp
sale $40.00
301352374222 buy
Fibula Visigoths of the 5th century AD
sale $3,600.00
261625308807 buy
19thC Antique 1ct Garnet Medieval Lion Engraved Plague “Black Death” Amulet
sale $69.99
380928880889 buy
Handcrafted 36ct Polish Amethyst Ancient Roman Celt Persian Warrior Snake Amulet
sale $199.99
381022071710 buy
19thC Antique 1ct+ Spinel Roman “Balas Ruby” Badakhshan Tajikistan Marco Polo
sale $139.99
381022065346 buy
Antique 18thC 1½ct Yellow Tourmaline Ancient Greek Roman “Emerald” Rainbow Gem
sale $69.99
381021924765 buy
Vintage Italian Demijohn in Basket Rope & Leather Handle Blown Glass 1960s NICE!
sale $209.37
271575918452 buy
vintage sarreid ltd ref #17115 Bowl
sale $150.00
171497219884 buy
Antique Italian blown glass flagon, big bottle, old bottle, antique demijohn
sale $212.00
281337018780 buy
Antique Italian blown glass flagon, big bottle, old bottle, antique demijohn
sale $149.00
281384634824 buy
Vintage Italy white glazed Terra Cotta statue of soldier sitting w/ sword
sale $25.00
121457808135 buy
Authentic Florentine RENAISSANCE Medieval Stone Head of a Jester
sale $1,555.51
231357188871 buy
Antique 19thC ¾ct Sapphire Gem of Ancient Rome Persia Sorcery Oracles Ring
sale $169.99
380972120317 buy
Pans Travail Ancient Greek Roman Environmental Problems Air Water Soil Pollution
sale $249.99
121456915018 buy
19thC Antique Spinel Arab Emirs of Granda Spain King Pedro the Cruel Gem 14ktGF
sale $89.99
380947858238 buy
sale $599.00
171492726090 buy
sale $550.00
371060754535 buy
Vendeur de foie et de têtes de poules - Guiseppe MITELLI - 1660
sale $550.00
371060724313 buy
Antique 18thC Garnet Greek Roman Blood Amulet Gemstone Round Stud Earrings
sale $169.99
121405882054 buy
18thC Antique 2¾ct Garnet Ancient Rome Underworld God Pluto Hades Persephone Gem
sale $179.99
121405835652 buy
Pair of Lovely Genuine Antique Edwardian Italian Rome Roman Boxes
sale $75.00
271600379298 buy
Cherub Antique Carved Wood Polychrome Putti Painted Carving Religious Nude Boy
sale $319.92
131316685365 buy
NEW Following Hadrian 138AD Roman Emperor UK Wall Pantheon Tivoli 900-Room Villa
sale $32.99
121455312080 buy
sale $110.63
301345075948 buy
Ancient Greek Terracotta Pottery Figure of Hermes - 300 BC
sale $1,150.00
390905583684 buy
FORVM Greek Campania South Italy Black Ware Skyphos 3rd-2nd Century BC
sale $311.00
400784684742 buy
FORVM Greek South Italian 6 1/4 inch Black Glaze Bowl 3rd-2nd Century BC
sale $368.00
400784684671 buy
AD300 Roman Thracia (Bulgaria Serbia) Brooch Pendant + 19thC Antique 8¼ct Agate
sale $149.99
381016178626 buy
19thC Antique ½ct Sapphire Gem of Ancient Roman Saturn God of Abundance Sorcery
sale $179.99
121452988614 buy
Antique Italian blown glass flagon, big bottle, old bottle, antique demijohn
sale $115.00
281378867400 buy
Set of 3 antique carboys - Italian demijohn
sale $264.00
281378861088 buy
Antique Italian blown glass flagon, big bottle, old bottle, antique demijohn
sale $115.00
281378857014 buy
19thC Antique 2/3ct Tourmaline Medieval Shaman Mystic + Philosopher Alchemy Gem
sale $179.99
121451916427 buy
Large Ancient Blackware Oinocho Etruscan Ca. 6th-5th century B.C. Size: 15-3/4”H
sale $2,465.00
291258828261 buy
Ancient Archaic Greek or Etruscan Pottery Face Magna Graecia Ca. 6th century B.C
sale $148.75
291258825397 buy
NEW Rome & The Barbarians 100BC-400AD Celt Cimbri Teutones Pannonians Goths Huns
sale $39.99
121451656626 buy

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